4 juli: Commissie presenteert strategie ter bevordering van de Rechten van het Kind


4 juli: Commissie presenteert strategie ter bevordering van de Rechten van het Kind

Tuesday 4th July : EU strategy to promote the rights of the child

The news :

  • The European Commission will adopt the Communication "Towards an EU strategy on the Rights of the Child". The first document of its kind on such a cross-cutting subject, it concerns both internal and external policies of the Union and everything from civil and criminal justice to education and health.
  • Among other things, this Communication will capitalise on the existing activities of the EU in this field, while identifying what needs to be done in the future to address the rights of the child - an issue which is currently a major concern in many Member States. It will look at mainstreaming children's rights in EU actions and how to enhance expertise on children's rights.
  • The EU carries the necessary weight to push children's rights to the forefront of international agendas. It can use its global presence to promote children's rights at national level by drawing on the European model of social protection and on its policy commitments and programmes.
  • Over the course of this year and in 2007, the Commission will, in particular, take the following measures :
  • Attribution of one single telephone number (116) within the EU for child helplines and one for child hotlines dedicated to missing and sexually exploited children.
  • Support the banking sector and credit cards companies to combat the use of credit cards when purchasing sexual images of children on the Internet.
  • Launch an action plan on Children in Development Cooperation to address children's priority needs in developing countries.
  • Promote a clustering of actions on child poverty in the EU.
  • The communication draws a preliminary inventory of more than 75 EU instruments affecting children's rights including concrete legislative, non-legislative and financial actions that are to be proposed in 2006-2007.

The event :
Joint press conference with President Barroso and Vice President Franco Frattini in the European Parliament at 16.00 in Strasbourg.

The sources :

- IP/06/647 ; SPEECH/06/310; IP/06/613 ; MEMO/06/214

  • European Commission website :


The contacts :
Friso Roscam Abbing + 32 2 296 67 46 ; Riccardo Mosca + 32 2 296 14 04