399 inbreuken onder de loep


399 inbreuken onder de loep

De Commissie heeft haar tanden laten zien door in 399 inbreukzaken nieuwe beslissingen te nemen. Daaronder ook twee Nederlandse zaken. Nederland wordt voor het Hof gedaagd wegens de tekortschietende locatieherkenning van het alarmnummer 112. Verder stuurt de Commissie Nederland een ingebrekestelling wegens niet-tijdige implementatie van het tweede spoorwegpakket.


Brussels, 21 March 2007

Commission adopts new infringements package

The European Commission has today decided to take further steps in 399 legal cases against those Member States that the Commission believes have breached their obligations under the EC Law. This represents the first of the quarterly round of infringements that the Commission will adopt in 2007.

In today's package, among the many other decisions, the Commission issued reasoned opinions against three Member States for not granting licences to private operators of sports betting, which in many Member States continues to be a state monopoly. New procedures were initiated with sending a letter of formal notice to six Member States querying their higher taxation of interest and dividends paid to foreign pension funds and foreign investment funds compared to domestic funds. The Commission also decided to take Poland to the Court of Justice for starting road construction works through a nature conservation area. Given lack of compliance with a first Court judgment the Commission proposes that France be fined a lump sum for poor quality of drinking water in Brittany. Full details on these cases can be found in a series of separate press releases issued by the respective departments of the Commission.