Presentatie jaarverslag EVRM-Hof


Presentatie jaarverslag EVRM-Hof

Op 26 januari heeft de president van het EVRM-Hof Sir Nicolas Bratza het judiciële jaar geopend en het jaarverslag over 2011 gepresenteerd. Het jaarverslag geeft een samenvatting van de activiteiten van het Hof en de statistieken voor 2011. In zijn speech ging de president van het Hof ook in op de toetreding van de EU tot het EVRM.

Over de toetreding van de EU tot het EVRM zei hij het volgende:

“One important issue for the future of the Convention system is EU accession. Last October a draft accession treaty was submitted by the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe for consideration and further guidance. However, since then the process seems to be stalled. Without accession the EU is left in the anomalous position of not being subject to the same external scrutiny as its Member States. Moreover accession is now urgently needed for the sake of preserving legal certainty in the field of European fundamental rights protection. The increasing number of binding legal instruments laying down fundamental rights within the EU legal system – and the risk of confusion which goes with it – only reinforces the need for an external mechanism capable of providing legal certainty as to the minimum protection standard applicable in the field. This was recognised in the Lisbon Treaty which provides that this anomaly is to be removed. After some thirty years of discussion all that now appears to be lacking is the political will to overcome the last obstacles. I would therefore urge the Member States to make every possible effort to reach a compromise allowing the completion of the process.”

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